Say no to a payday loan

Say NO to payday loans

Why say NO to Pay Day Loans? Because Prudent’s loans are much cheaper and help repair your credit.

Here’s everything you need to know about why you shouldn’t get a pay day loan and why Prudent is the better way.

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Prudent Financial Services - Say NO to payday loans!

What you need to know about payday loans.

Pay day loans are only meant for short-term and must be repaid in full by your following pay period. If you don’t pay on time, the interest will now be on the total of the unpaid amount including the last interest. Most pay day loans must be paid every 2 weeks or in rare cases, a month. Pay late and your interest skyrockets by hundreds and thousands of dollars, depending how late you pay.

Note that what pay day loans charge in 2 weeks/1 month is almost the same as what Prudent charges in a whole year!

Just imagine what you can do with all the money you’ll save by coming to Prudent!

Prudent vs Payday Loans

Pay day loans do not help repair credit because they do not report to the credit bureaus except if you go into collections.
Prudent reports your loan payments regularly to the credit bureau and you get I1, the highest credit rating, when you pay on time.
At Prudent, you are re-establishing your financial credibility.

Let’s get our act together, folks. If you are in a bankruptcy, almost finished your proposal, or have a bad credit rating even though you have paid off most of your debt, Prudent is the place to come.

Say No to Pay Day Loans!

Think Smart. Think Prudent.